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NewClear Enhances E-commerce Experience

From Automatic Product Builder > Auto Catalog Enhancements > Auto Listing Across All Marketplaces > To Be Continued ………….. 

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Why NewClear

Auto Product Builder

Newclear Can pull data information from the largest retail brands. Scan Your product Code or type key word > Select Matching product > Click Import and done product is created with the Most detailed information.

Product Catalog Enhancement

Stay Ahead of the competition by having your catalog updated with the latest product details and specifics. Find out what items are more in demand and on which channels. 

Auto Product Listing

Turn on Auto  Listing to automatically send and track all listings to all channels as soon as they are created, saving time on uploading products one by one.  

Technology is never is never a finished product

We are always adding Features

DropShipping Portal

Allow Others to dropship your products by creating a dropship account with in your newclear account.

Product Feed Manager

Generate Google and facebook Feeds from with in newclear. Manag > advertisement has never been eisier.

Warehouse Management

Bin Level Warehouse management for Product locations and receiving and managing inventory, manage multiple locations.

Seller / Supplier Tracking

Create different Seller with SKU prefixes to seperate different type of suppliers or sellers.

Product Rescan

Re count inventory after High selling season to make sure all inventory is up to date.

FTP Connection

Do you get inventory updated from FTP by a supplier, You can keep your Inventory Updated from FTP Connections.

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